Taylor Millard is a writer, freelance journalist, and political commentator from Texas, whose work can be found at Hot Air and other outlets. Taylor was introduced to libertarianism in the late 1990’s, but didn’t truly go “all-in” until reading Ayn Rand, F.A. Hayek, and Reason magazine.

Taylor has studied politics since a young age, but his first experience at commentary was when he created the show “The Political Gang” while a student at University of North Texas. The interest in political talk led him to co-founding Vigilant Liberty Radio in 2013. Taylor left VLR in 2017 to pursue other interests, but still has an affinity for radio.

His work focuses on U.S. history, free markets, free speech, foreign policy, limited government, and justice reform. Taylor is a regular contributor at Hot Air,  has appeared on NRA News, and written at Reason, Watchdog, United Liberty, and Free Radical Network.


Journalist and Media Professional